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Buffet Delivery Partnership in Singapore

Chow restaurant has always prided itself as one of the only restaurants in the area that is able to provide sumptious food at such an affordable price, right at the heartlands. Having a nice small cozy area outfitted with dapper and posh lightings, as well as a rich heritage stays strong for my family and our staff. However, when we host events at our area, we often struggle to fulfill our orders, especially if they want buffet spreads. This is why we’ve actually made some partnerships with other food and beverage operators to be able to fulfill our food orders. With full disclosure, our we have just recently formed a close partnership with QQ Rice – a Taiwanese brand that a company brought into Singapore. Not only do they have healthy dishes and recipes for their fast-food like pop up shops, they also have different brands under them, such as their Singaporean buffet delivery service, QQ Catering.

Buffet by QQ

The Buffet Spread

QQ Catering’s buffet delivery spread is also chinese, just like what our restaurant provides. I really just want to talk more about how fresh and delicious the spread was when I tried it at the event we hosted. Not many people know that QQ Rice has a buffet catering service, or even provide food catering at all. It was a big surprise to see that one of my favourite brands in F&B in Singapore had such offerings as well.


I went to take a look at QQ Catering’s website, at www.qqcatering.sg. They recently revamped their website and their menu and it has become much more vibrant and more informative than last. I really like how the food is displayed on their website – despite being a brand that does delivery of food and buffet style spreads, they really know how to make their food dishes look delicious by itself. At Chow’s we take pictures of our food ourselves and create the menu from the food – despite being a high class restaurant. We should learn more from QQ about such business operation and marketing matters.

Also, from what I heard, they are expanding their buffet delivery arm in the company. The company has brought in lots of revenue the past two years of operation, and as the margins are very high, the catering service has been able to expand from a small team to one that is above 10 man strong. That’s a strong team that was cultivated by the company, and they are able to do a lot of work on their own, both in cooking as also in marketing and displaying the food.

healthy buffet

Reasons for our partnership

One of the reasons why we did not consider the buffet delivery road is that we were not able to maintain the quality controls of our food. We even have difficulty ourselves in the kitchen trying to fulfill orders yet maintain the quality during peak hours. However, our partners are able to do this, even for bulk food buffet orders. This is one of the reasons why we are partnering with them.

QQ Catering is able to produce many different kinds of foods and dishes in their menu (unfortunately not birds nest, though!) and they can do it while maintaining the high quality and smooth operations in their buffet catering business. This is one thing all F&B business have to learn from them. We at Chow are very happy to be partnered with QQ on this venture, and also for the rest of our events.

QQ Weekly offers

If you guys are interested to book one of their buffet delivery spreads, do take a look at their offers. During CNY, they used to have a deal where at $22 per person, you will get a free dessert and free yusheng. This is very generous, actually! Why not look out for QQ’s future promotions? I’m sure you guys will be satisfied with what they can offer you.

QQ CNY Offer

You can visit QQ Catering at www.qqcatering.sg to order food for your events. Feel free to take a look at their buffet offerings!

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