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Chow’s Guide on How to Talk Your Way Out of a Bar Fight


When one has put in too much miles on his heavy elliptical bike, a nice cold beer would sound wonderful to loosen tired muscles and chase away the stress of everyday life.

If you’re sitting on the bar, chances are, there are a lot of guys sitting there already. When drinks are flowing, people tend to get a bit hot-headed and physical. To stay away from intense situations and avoid a probable beating, read on to know a few tips.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Sense the mood of the crowd and look around. If there’s someone brooding at the end of the bar, someone angrily talking to another person a few tables away, or if there’s a person trying to start a fight with someone else, then that’s your queue to leave.

Feel the mood of the bar and leave before any violence starts.

Always Be Calm and Make Them See That You Don’t Want to Fight

If a person is trying to start something with you. Resist their violent energy and keep a calm head. If he’s trying you to make the first move, don’t. If he shoves you, don’t shove him back.

Don’t let things escalate and try to cool the situation down- your goal is to get home without a scratch not feed your pride and leave the bar with cuts, bruises, and a black eye.

Taking a deep breath and putting your hands in-front of you (your palms facing the instigator) makes it clear that you have no interest in taking the other person on.

Taking that deep breath will help calm you and putting your hands up indicates that you don’t want to fight – that is also a great stance to readily defend yourself if the other person doesn’t get that you don’t want any trouble.

Act Contrite and Appeal To Their Sense of Humanity

Yes. Even if it was their fault in the first place. Charm them into calming down by showing them that you’re a decent human being. Apologizing will be the icing on the cake.

Somehow, they feel that they were wronged by you – even if they were the ones who started it. They may throw an insult after you apologize but keep in mind that you do not want to be in a fight. Show them respect and act civilized by introducing yourself. This will catch them off guard and kill the mood.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even gain a friend in that unpleasant situation.

Chow Restaurant’s Bar Inventory


Chow Restaurant’s Tips on How to Manage Your Bar Inventory

Managing the bar inventory is a long, dreary and tedious task involving innumerable checks at the storeroom, manually sorting through stacks of bottles, coordinating with several of your team members and keeping abreast of the status. Even after putting in hours of effort and extremely hard work, it is still a struggle without the aid of a good inventory management system – be it software or the traditional pen and paper checklist. Chow Restaurant reveals tricks to an efficient inventory management system specifically for the bar, that have a universal application, will simplify time-consuming processes and help in reducing costly overheads. It may prove to be that crucial differentiating factor for your business going against some established and leading bars.

How to start accounting for inventory

inventory of wine

Inventory management starts with looking at how much alcohol should be stocked so that there is sufficient available. The key is, therefore, in the count. The first step is to create a spread-sheet for the numbers to go in. It is wise to enter the count for each category of liquor separately and different sheets should be created especially for different alcohol categories like – beer, whisky and rum. Keep a note of where your alcohol is stacked apart from the store room. Is it shelved in the bar front? Do you have a lounge? Or perhaps a lobby? It is advised to maintain counts for each section on a separate sheet.

Changing counting method

It is interesting to note how a slight change in the counting method can drastically alter resulting counts. It is thus critical to establish a method for counting the alcohol, and this counting method or technique should stay consistent, to avoid confusion and possibilities of a recount. Create a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly periodic routine for this process and keep it unswerving. Pro tip – Taking a count of the inventory when the bar is closed reduces distractions. It is also important to keep an eye out for any spillages and bottle breakages. The easiest counting method for the used liquor is a visual one. Visually divide the bottle into ten parts and count the available content by the number of parts. Or take a look at where the line of the liquor falls, and estimate if the bottle is half full (50%), a third full (30%), or a tenth full (10%).

jack daniels

When the counting process is over, tally the number with all the invoices and orders of liquor from your different vendors. The inventory counts should be taken once at the beginning and another once at the end of the counting period. Any liquor that was received after the counting process should be accounted for separately as ‘Received Inventory’. Finally, the formula – ‘Starting Inventory + Received Inventory – Ending Inventory = Usage can be used to calculate the usage of alcohol for the said period.

This number serves as an important indicator. After a sufficient number of cycles, you will be able to gauge if the usage is over or under the expected limits. Which products sell well and which don’t. You will be able to calculate how well your bar is performing financially. And price products appropriately. Inventory management makes information related to every aspect of bar operation available at your fingertips. You are empowered to make informed decisions and build a successful business.



Traditional Chinese Hangover Cures that are Amazingly Effective

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Chow Restaurant Discusses Traditional Chinese Hangover Cures that are Amazingly Effective

Drinking alcohol within bounds is considered healthy. Yes, healthy! The famous Chinese Dr. Li Shizhen, has even recorded more than sixty-nine different ways of using huangjiu, or ‘yellow wine’, to treat a variety of ailments. From poets like the legendary Li Bai, to a new style of martial arts, a great many things are inspired by the love of alcohol. But often it is rather difficult to consume in moderation, and it is easy to overindulge, especially if you attend any one of Chow’s events. And after such a wild night of drinking and debauchery, when symptoms like throbbing headaches, nausea and a profound sense of unease, collectively known as a hangover, converge on us, the following traditional Chinese cures will help immensely in alleviating specific problems.

hungover man

Chinese Herbs

Suanzaoren is a magic herb that can be obtained from a Chinese herbalist or grown at home. It has an extremely bitter and an alarmingly sour taste. When the herb is crushed, mixed with a good amount of water and boiled in a non-reactive saucepan, the ensuing liquid is converted into a powerful medicine. Since it has an overwhelmingly pungent taste, it helps if it is consumed with a little sugar or honey.

chinese herbs pic 1chinese herbs pic 2

Ge Gen or the root of the kudzu vine can quickly conquer headaches, nausea and any unpleasantness related to a hangover. As little as ten grams of the root are to be boiled with water and topped with rock-salt. The mix is then allowed to simmer on a low flame until half the water has evaporated. The thick and viscous remains are poured into a glass for drinking.

Alcohol is a diuretic and can cause dehydration. Your body may lose electrolytes and this causes cramps and shooting pains. It is therefore important to hydrate oneself by drinking water and fruit juice. The fluids from the fruit juice and water will replenish the electrolytic levels in your body and immediately eliminate any aches and pains.

Green tea is a boundless source of phytochemicals. It is said one cup of green tea has a great number of flavonoids and catechins, that are effective in combating diseases and increasing bodily immunity and strength. The consumption of green tea cures hangovers and generates a feeling of warmth and well-being.

chinese hangover tea

The herbal Huo Xiang Zheng Qi pills are available in Chinese grocery stores across Singapore. With ingredients directly picked from the ancient Guang Ci soup, the medicinal pill is effective in improving the stomach functions, regulating the qi and eliminating headaches. It is however suggested to refer to a doctor before consuming the pill directly, especially if you suffer from heart related disorders or if you are pregnant.

Carbs in crackers can help bring your blood sugar levels back up the morning after. Normally when the blood sugar levels in the body dip below a certain point, the liver reacts by producing glucose from all the stored carbohydrates. But when you have been drinking too much, your liver stays busy metabolizing the alcohol and cannot handle the extra work. This is why your blood sugar levels stay down, and you feel irritable and worn-down.

Non consumption-based cures

Reflexology and foot massage help in uplifting spirits. These techniques can be help relieve you from ailments such as headaches and nausea. The treatment lasts for less than an hour. Acupuncture is another great method, and if it is effectively administered, it can do wonders in the first sitting itself.

These Chinese cures work best if a holistic approach is undertaken. But we still insist, prevention is better than cure, even Chinese cures, and moderating your drink is the way to go. Look at it this way – when you have a little, you savour it better and you take home, not hangovers, but delightful experiences. How about a night of poetry with us?



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