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Top Chinese Wines Served at Chow Restaurant that Deserve all Your Attention

Drinking wine is a customary cultural experience in China, which is considered the birthplace of grain-based alcohol. And these traditionally made exotic wines lightly flavoured with walnuts, longans, jujubes, ginseng, ginkgo nuts, brunt rice and/or sugar are lining the shelves at Chow Restaurant, awaiting your special order! (Note: If you’ve already drunk, or are experiencing the nasty after-effects of a wild night of fun, do check out our article on hangover cures.

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Baijiu Wine

Ask for a serving of baijiu and the waiters will lay little heaters on the table to warm the wine. The wine itself is contained in small ceramic bottles that can be warmed on the heaters and then poured into small stoneware cups, the size of a shot glass. As it is traditional to drink baijiu with food rather than on its own, great selections can be made from the menu that complement the robustness of the wine. At Chow Restaurant one can delight in an exhaustive full course Chinese meal that includes appetizers, main course, soups, baozi, Chinese dumplings and desserts. Different varieties of baijiu are available from any of the six signature fragrances — honey, layered, light, rice, thick and ‘sauce’.

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The restaurant has an authentic look and feel with a classic yet modern Oriental décor. As you enter through the intricately carved door, you will be magically transported into the very heart of China. With more than three thousand five hundred square feet of floor space and accommodations for up to one hundred guests, the lively and inviting environment is ideal for any business meeting, family gathering or a romantic date. A private dining area that seats up to thirty guests allows your group to be more intimate while still enjoying the alluring atmosphere of the restaurant. Some incredible artwork from the period is on display on the walls. The dark red polished opulent rosewood tables are each laid with a ‘Lazy Susan’ placed at the center of a table, as per custom. The ornate communal serving chopsticks (gongkuai) are a great addition to the usual cutlery. And the ambience offers an exciting and unforgettable dining experience.

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Other wines

The Huangjiu wines, with palates varying from the very dry to the very sweet, are preferably consumed crisp and cold. Liquors mixed with green tea are delectable. The expert mixologists and the spirits cognoscenti at Chow Restaurant have also integrated some of the baijiu wines into mouth-watering cocktails that are a must try. The baijiu wines can cause a shock to uninitiated palates but their soothing aroma, high proof, complexity and scintillating taste make for an adventurous new frontier in the art of cocktail making. Baijiu with its signature clarity and taste makes a splendid base for infusions and earthy spices, herbal notes, and citrusy flavours go superbly with baijiu of any kind. The ‘Baijiu Mango Cocktail’ for example, includes pineapple colada with mangosteen, sesame powder, and ripe mango blended with the sweet Baijiu. And the elaborate ‘Goji Dragon Ball Cocktail’ has a profoundly delectable goji-infused baijiu base, combined with a few drops of maraschino liqueur, absinthe, pink dragon-fruit and lime juice. The cocktail is topped with a pinch of the flambé Himalayan salt and ground white pepper.

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A baijiu toast is usually followed by the expression Ganbei meaning ‘bottoms up’. Chow Restaurant invites you with a welcoming drink and a resounding Ganbei!


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