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Chow’s Fascinating Neon Layered Drinks with Frozen Nitrogen

Chow’s bar has grabbed the town’s attention with a range of mesmerising, visually appealing and delicious neon layered cocktails with frozen liquid nitrogen. The science themed bar – Fluid – has youngsters going wild over drinks that are almost alive in their hands! Imagine your bartender working with an array of unusual ingredients like (a) frozen nitrogen (b) powdered alcohol (c) bubble mixes and (d) dry ice, using modern and crafty techniques to create effects like bubbles, plumes and reactions, using liqueur and the interaction with different spirits, and controlling it depending on viscosity and temperature. Sounds surreal, doesn’t it? And while the ingredients may seem like a science experiment was underway, the results are incredible and mind-blowing.

At Fluid, the young bartenders believe that mixology is quite literally a science and their drinks are proof that there is definitely science behind the art of cocktail making. Taking a step further than most bars dare to go, the drinks are served up in beacons, flasks and test tubes. The ‘Alien’s Womb’ for example, is a cocktail where colourful sweet liqueurs are dropped into the drink and they stay clustered like eggs at the bottom of the flask full of spirit. But only temporarily, until the spears break down and the drink is then an alive seeming mass of pink and green vibrating fluids. The ‘Snow Cloud’ is an alluring fruity drink, where white powdered alcohol is made to stay floating on top of the glass jar and slowly fall into the spirit creating a ‘Snow Cloud’ effect. While some cocktails like ‘Dragon’s Dungeon’ and ‘Mermaid’s Lair’ are made to smoke using dry ice, others use jelly balls and layered liquid nitrogen in combination for vibrant and dramatically concocted effects. Each drink is unique, smoking, bubbling and animated with what we know all too familiarly as Fluid Bar’s signature ‘cauldron effect’.

Experimenting with drinks

The use of liquid nitrogen in the preparation of cocktails is interesting, because it can be used to quickly chill glasses or freeze ingredients. It can also be added to drinks to create a smoky effect, which is created by the cold nitrogen vapour condensing the moisture (i.e., water vapor) in the surrounding air. When frozen nitrogen is thoroughly mixed into a drink, it freezes the drink, and vaporizes away leaving nothing but frozen yumminess behind. It however requires expert handling and know-how. Chow’s Fluid Bar has been in operation in Singapore for the last twenty years, and their deep research and savoir-faire on the topic is unmatched across the business. They claim that all their recipes are precisely tested, and skillfully executed each and every time an order is placed.

The Bar’s décor matches well with the effervescencent quality of the drinks they serve. The ambience is very ‘sciency’ with the periodic table taking the center stage. There are smoking and rusty looking barrels around. The walls are lit with neon lights. Each table has a fantastic theme and you can choose from the likes of ‘Back to the future’, to the ever popular ‘Nuclear Holocaust’.

cocktail bar periodic elements

We know that the Earth’s atmosphere contains 78.09% Nitrogen, and Chow’s Fluid Bar is only helping in bringing some of that to the table. And when you’re at that table, we bet you won’t stop asking for more!


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