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‘Poetry by the Moonlight – A celebration of wine & love of poetry’

The moody, blue song, is based on a popular Chinese poem (roughly translated to) ‘Drinking alone below the moon’ by the legendary poet Li Bai. It enraptures the listener with warm emotions and the poet’s casual sense of humour evokes a heartfelt response.

It is on this note that Singapore’s Chow Restaurant is calling poets, romantics and wine enthusiasts to revel in over one hundred and fifty such poems and songs at their ‘Poetry by the Moonlight – A celebration of wine and love of poetry’ event. The Chinese are known for their wine drinking culture, and this event combines their taste for fine wine with the love of poetry. We recently gathered some chinese food not from our kitchens, but from one of our buffet delivery partners as our kitchen can’t handle this kind of load.

chinese lanterns

Our Venue

The venue is a moonlit night in the garden behind Chow Restaurant’s elite brick building in the heart of East Coast Park. The grounds will be covered with fairy lights and the alluring Chinese floating lanterns will sparkle among the stars. Tables will be laid outside. Musicians the likes of the dazzling Faye Wong, who holds a Guinness World Record for ‘best-selling canto-pop female’ category, and the rising talent Daren Tan, will grace the evening with their musical renderings. The enchanting night holds a special promise of flowing liquor and good poetry.

chinese singer

Our Imported Wines

Some of the best wines have been imported for the night. Here’s a sneak preview:

Taking the center stage is the Wuliangye, a renowned brand of high-end Chinese distilled spirit. With its mellow savour, luscious and refreshing palate, it has a honey-like mouthfeel.

Also featured is the lightly scented Fenjiu liquor with its signature soft and sweet taste. A gold medal winner of the Panama Pacific International Exposition, the Fenjiu name has a long history and has been well known since the Southern and Northern dynasties of 420 AD.

The Luzhou Laojiao enjoys its place as the most famous liquor in China and its antiquity and popularity can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty. With a strong but clear flavour and a strident aroma of fermented peaches, it is easy to see why.

The unique Gujing Gongjiu also called the ‘Gujing Tribute Liquor’ once enjoyed its status as a tribute drink for the imperial families. Limpid and crystalline, highly fragrant and refreshing, it has a particularly prolonged and pleasant aftertaste.

Produced in Fengxiang County in Shaanxi, the time-honoured Xifengjiu (or Xifeng Liquor) is considered one of the most famous liquors in China. It boasts of a long history that dates back to the Tang Dynasty of 618-907 AD. Xifeng is refreshing, bold and harmonious, with some charming sweet, bitter and earthy notes.

The Jiannanchun spirit is produced in Mianzhu County in the Sichuan Province and has a history of over one thousand years backing the brand. Jiannanchun has strong, rich fragrance and a pure and sweet flavour that lingers on the palate.

And finally, the Yanghe Daqu which has a history of more than four hundred fruitful years. The Yanghe Daqu liquor is pure and transparent, with fragrant and robust flavours. It softly curls in your mouth and has a smooth build.

wines and alcohol imported

All this and more awaits your arrival. Your delighted hosts at Chow hope to see you and your friends for another transfixing night where, yet again, immortal poetry, satiating spirits and age old traditions flow on with time and moonlight.


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