Our store space is the size of one regular shophouse, at 2200 sq feet. However, it is big enough to host parties, events and other dinner plans that you may have. We do provide food catering from our own kitchen, and we do allow you to provide your own food catering services.

Events that we do:

  • Weddings
  • Baby shower
  • Business conference
  • Birthdays
  • Networking events
  • And more!

For events that require preparation, please liase with your event planner and contact us to make the arrangements. We have a limited supply of tables and chairs and if more furniture is needed, you will have to engage a third-party company.

We are very happy to entertain all requests that our guests may have, and we will provide the open bar service free of charge. However, any special wines or liquor will have to be ordered from us at least 2 weeks in advance. We can only handle small events below 80 guests. For large events above 100 people, please provide your own tables and chairs.

Contact us via our contact form on the right, or Ethan (general manager) at +65 85701305 for any urgent enquiries.

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Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10AM to 10PM Sunday Closed Happy Hour: 3PM to 8PM on Weekdays except Friday